Jahan Tajhiz Hakim Co. was established in 2009. We are a dedicated and professional importer and distributor of disposable medical equipment. Our goal has always been to promote social health care. To achieve this, we import high quality products with global standards.

We believe customers’ satisfaction determines a company’s success. Therefore, we provide high quality products and the best customer service. We are proud to have the support of our knowledgeable and skillful managers, staff, and costumers who are confident of our reliability. As a result, today we are one of the most reputable companies in Iran’s health care industry and we have achieved a significant market share.

We will continue to grow in the Iranian market and expand our business worldwide. That is why we wish to provide high quality and new products to ensure both the patients and health clinics, their comfort and benefit.

جهان تجهیز حکیم
Our Purposes, Mission and Vision

Everyone deserves a chance for a better and healthier life. We are here to ensure patients’ well-being, help hospitals provide better care services, and inspire healthier communities all over Iran.


We envision a future where we have provided better health and wellbeing for all Iranians by providing the best products in all fields with the best quality and price. We hope to be known as the leading company in having international partners with long-term commitment.